1.1.The Member must call 0861 4 TEACH to make a booking; quote their Membership Number; and inform the call centre agent of the benefit they would like to use OR go to the Hello Teacher website and select the benefit they would like to use and follow the steps.
1.2.The prices of benefits vary and are on a quote-by-quote basis.
2.1.The Dining Benefit provides a network of restaurants that offer Hello Teacher Members a discount off meals at participating restaurants.
2.2.The Dining Benefit entitles you to a discount on the cheaper of the main meals, provided:
2.2.1.you are dining with at least one other person; and
2.2.2.no less than 2 main meals and 2 drinks are purchased per (physical or virtual) card from the participating restaurant concerned; and
2.2.3.you have not exceeded your visits for that month (where applicable).
2.3.The discount is equal to the cost of the cheapest main meal ordered by your party, subject to a maximum discount of R100.00 (one hundred Rand).
2.4.The Dining Benefit:
2.4.1.can only be redeemed at participating restaurants. Hello Teacher shall be entitled, in our sole and absolute discretion, to amend the list of participating restaurants from time to time. We shall endeavour to promptly update our website as and when any changes are made. You are required to check the dining benefits under the DINING section of this website to confirm restaurant availability every time prior to dining;
is based on the participating restaurants standard prices and is not applicable with any special offers or promotions;
2.4.3.cannot be used when purchasing takeaways. It can only be redeemed in store;
2.4.4.may have restrictions (including availability restrictions) and exclusions imposed on certain restaurants e.g. Lunch only, Mondays only, Excluding Valentine's Day etc. Please view the individual restaurant benefit pages on the Dining Benefit section of the website for more information.
2.4.5.can be used multiple times in one day but not more than once in the same restaurant on the same day (where applicable)
2.5.A maximum of 2 (two) Dining Benefit cards or virtual cards may be used per table (1 card per 2 people). Certain restaurants however, may accept bookings for tables with more than 2 cards, but this will be at the sole discretion of the restaurant concerned. This can be confirmed with the call centre when booking.
2.6.In instances of bookings with multiple cards, each individual member must authorise/book independently, providing their respective membership numbers.
2.7.In instances of tables of more than 2 patrons, it will be at the sole discretion of the restaurant as to whether separate bills will be permitted.
2.8.No sharing of main meals is permitted when using the Dining Benefit
2.9.You are required to contact the Hello Teacher call centre prior to dining to:
2.9.1.authorise your membership (invalid memberships will be declined authorization);
2.9.2.check availability of the offer;
2.9.3.determine whether restrictions apply at the restaurant at which you intend dining; and
2.9.4.make a booking, where possible.
2.10.Should you wish to cancel or reschedule a booking please contact the Hello Teacher Dining Benefit call centre prior to your original booking time.
2.11.Upon arrival at the restaurant and prior to being seated, you must produce your valid Hello Teacher Dining Benefit membership card with Backbeat Dining logo and confirm the authorisation/booking with the Manager. The card must be produced again upon requesting the bill with the waitron.
2.12.Cards are non-transferable. Restaurants reserve the right to ask for proof of ID.
2.13.Card validity will be checked and any invalid cards will result in your discount being denied.
2.14.Participating restaurants reserve the right to vary prices, times and availability of the Dining Benefit.
2.15.Hello Teacher Dining Benefit accepts no responsibility for the quality of service and/or meals at any of our dining partners. Furthermore, Hello Teacher Dining Benefit will not become involved in any non-Hello Teacher Dining Benefit related disputes between members and dining partners.
2.16.Failure to adhere to, or any attempt to circumvent the Hello Teacher Dining Benefit terms and conditions, will result in your membership being terminated.
3.1.Access to discounted movie tickets are purchased via the Hello Teacher website at the published rate at the time.
3.2.Hello Teacher Members receive a minimum 60% off the retail purchase price of movie tickets at participating Theatres.
3.3.Hello Teacher members are limited to purchasing 8 movie codes per calendar month.
3.4.Once you buy your movie code access from the Hello Teacher website you will be sms’d the movie codes that can be redeemed at the theatre or online at the participating theatre’s website.
3.5.Movie codes bought on the Hello Teacher website will be sms'd to the registered cell phone number shortly after purchase.
3.6.The movie code cannot be redeemed for cash.
3.7.The movie code validity date will be stipulated on the sms with the movie code sent to the consumer.
3.8.Online payments are not refundable.
3.9.If your online booking requests cannot be confirmed then please contact Hello Teacher on 0861 4 TEACH, for assistance.
3.10.A movie code does not guarantee you a seat for a specific movie. Movies are to be booked by the individual at the theatre of your choice, subject to availability.
3.11.This offer does not include 3D or 4D movies.
3.12.In order to purchase discounted movies Members require a Visa or Master credit card.
4.1.Members qualify for discounts on a variety of Activities.
4.2.In order to reserve a Discount Activity booking, the Member is required to book in advance for the required Activities bookings.
4.3.The member will pay the provider for the first Activity and receive the second Activity up to a maximum value of R400 free of charge.
4.4.Discount Activity bookings need to occur 48 hours prior to the booking time and date.
4.5.Discount Activities are only available through 0861 4 TEACH and not directly through the supplier.
4.6.Discount Activities are limited to 2 Discounted Activity bookings per 0861 4 TEACH member per month.
4.7.All Discount Activities are for the Main Member only and proof of identification needs to be presented at the provider before the Activity booking can be utilised.


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