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Are you struggling with those tricky homework problems and need extra assistance?
Have you missed out on a critical section at school and need to catch up?
Are you just treading water with your school work and want that extra boost so you can achieve top grades, or possibly you a concerned parent that needs a reliable educational tool to assist your child.
Hello Teacher is a service that has been developed to assist all learners from grade 1 to grade 12 in all major subjects and languages. We have a pool of qualified teachers on call to answer any homework-related queries and to assist learners with their educational needs. They can talk to a teacher during the critical homework hours online or simply over the phone. They can also post a question on the website and get a quick response from a teacher with the expertise relating to the discipline that they need help with... more

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All teachers are currently offline.
We are online 18:00-21:00 Monday to Thursday (excluding school and public holidays).

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